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Just like that, I took the leap and left the advertising career that I had worked so hard for, picked up the camera Chris (my fiancĂ© at the time) had given me and pursued my photography passion with wild abandon and a whole lot of hustle. I've never looked back since! I knew that there was risk in walking away from the career and industry that I went to school for and worked so hard for, but I also knew the risk would be greater if I did nothing and settled when I knew something else was in my heart. I am not sure the timing is ever perfectly "right" for a career change, but for me the "right now" was way better then the maybe "someday." Life is too short. I yearned to create, connect with people on a deeper level, serve others and tell their stories. Since the day I said yes to taking the leap and yes to giving my day dream a go, I have been able to do just that!  
If you had told me when I was younger or even a decade ago that I would be a wedding photographer, photographing the most beautiful couples and their love stories alongside my husband, I truly wouldn't have believed you. Buuuut it probably wouldn't have surprised me. When I was a kid I rarely went outside to play in our backyard without a point and shoot school bus yellow disposable camera in my pocket. Point, click, wind. My poor parents developed so many photos of birds and flowers and hung way to many collages that I made. Oh how I loved being able to express my creativity and reflect the beauty around me as a kid and to this day now as an artist, wife, and mom. 
As cliché as it may sound, I truly believe we have the best "job" in the world. Not to mention, I get to work alongside the leading man in my own love story, my husband Chris! Being a husband and wife photography team is so much fun and an incredible blessing. What an honor it is to be the ones entrusted to capture a couple's wedding day so that the big champagne moments and small sweet ones in between can be relived over and over again for decades of anniversaries to come.

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