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Boho CT Maternity Session | Maryla & Peppe
Apr 20, 2017

Boho CT Maternity Session | Maryla & Peppe

Oh this sweet baby on the way is seriously one lucky little one! With a dad who has the kindest heart and is one of the hardest working people you will ever meet to a mama who is beautiful inside and out and an uber talented wedding planner and creative, it's safe to say sweet baby has some seriously awesome parents! What an honor it was for me to hang out with Maryla and Peppe and document this special and exciting time... this time when their chapter as a family of two is coming to a close and a fresh new chapter as parents to one and family of three is about to begin. Oh to see their joyful anticipation and hear that laughter, you know, the laughter that comes from straight from the soul and just overflows. What a gift it was to witness such happiness and celebrate this time with these friends of ours! 
Loved every second of their gorgeous boho maternity session! Here are a few of my favorites... :)
Jun 7, 2016

Connecticut Newborn Session Baby Lucy

As they looked down at their baby girl Lucy, you could tell a part of them could hardly believe she was here... hardly believe the wait to meet her was over and couldn't believe their eyes as they held her in their arms and soaked her in. This sweet bundle of perfection had stolen their hearts and left them amazed and overflowing with a love they couldn't quite put into words. 
Watching Ashley and Lou with their 2 week old daughter Lucy in their home was such a beautiful thing to see and witness. There is a fierce love and bond that comes with becoming parents, a love that leaves you knowing your life will never be the same and with the knowledge that a piece of your heart now lives outside of yourself. What a beautiful love indeed. 
Ashley & Lou, I can't begin to tell you what an honor it was to meet Lucy and to just see the two of you with her... It was a morning filled with tender and sweet moments that I will always hold dear. Your girls are truly lucky to have such loving, caring and amazing parents! Thank you for inviting me to document another milestone in your lives!
Connecticut Newborn Session Baby Lucy
Connecticut Newborn Session Baby Everly
May 12, 2016

Connecticut Newborn Session Baby Everly

There is no two ways about it, sweet baby Everly is a true miracle. Her story and the challenges she faced to fight for her life is a testament to God's amazing grace, her sheer will, her parent's and family's love and hope, and compassionate medical personal. Everly Faith was born at 25 weeks due to difficulties Kaitlyn had after an unforeseen seizure, born weighing a mere 1 lb 6 oz. Kaitlyn and Mark were told over and over again that Everly would not survive, yet here she is. Here she is after facing countless surgeries, many procedures, and unfathomable uphill battles. After 171 days in the NICU, she finally got to go home with her parents. She proved to all those who said she wouldn't make it that she is a fighter and a miracle through and through. This bright eyed spunky girl is perfection. 
I met Kaitlyn and Mark together over three years ago when they inquired about having us photograph their wedding. I knew then and there that there was something different about these two. I distinctly remember telling Chris after the consultation that we just HAD to shoot their wedding! Anyone who knows these two, knows that they are special. They are one of the kindest, compassionate, loving couples you will ever meet and the most perfect parents for Everly. They have fought tirelessly for her, never giving up on their baby girl even when there seemed to be little hope. There has been sacrifice upon sacrifice, tears and hugs, deep breaths, sleepless nights, scary days, and moments that took big courage. But these two have never wavered in their love and faith in their baby. So to photograph Kaitlyn and Mark beaming as their held Everly in her nursery was... everything. It was pink ruffles upon ruffles, tiny toes, and eyelashes for days! What an honor it was to meet Miss Everly Faith!  
I am so grateful for how open Kaitlyn and Mark have been about their journey with Everly as it has deeply inspired so many people, including myself. I can't even begin to put into words for what it meant to me to be able to photograph this amazing family of three... these sweet parents... this bright eyed beautiful miracle who is so incredibly loved.<3
Mar 15, 2016

Connecticut Newborn Session Baby Matilda

It only took about five second of being with Amanda and Pasquale and their sweet new daughter Matilda to see that she has them completely and totally wrapped around her tiny finger! They are smitten with this little girl, who is so clearly their e v e r y t h i n g. How beautiful it was to witness this special bond!  
The sunshine poured into their new home as we hang out and talked about what becoming parents has been like, and of course, gushing over Matilda! Amanda loves all of the faces that "Tilly" makes and I can se why! She seriously has the cutest little expressions that let you know exactly what she is thinking! Like newborns do, Matilda wakes up regularly throughout the night but Pasquale said he doesn't even mind because once he wakes up sees her face and holds her, even in the wee hours of the morning after little to no sleep, it's like no other feeling in the world.  
Chris and I met Amanda and Pasquale years ago when we photographed their wedding, and now seeing their family grow is more special then I can even begin to describe. It was such an honor to be welcomed into their home and spend the morning with them and their new daughter during this exciting new chapter of their lives!  
Here are a few of my favorites from their in home newborn session!
Connecticut Newborn Session Baby Matilda
Connecticut Newborn Session   Baby Matthew
Feb 23, 2016

Connecticut Newborn Session Baby Matthew

There is something so magical about walking into a family's home where there is now a new little baby. The sweet bundle of joy is truly an amazing miracle. The little breaths coming in and out of its nostrils to the chubby wrinkles and tiny fingers have a baby's parents totally smitten. This is exactly the magic I felt spending time with Sara and Chris, who we met years ago when we shot their engagement session and wedding, and their new 10 day old son Matthew. Seeing these two new parents snuggle and whisper to there son, the son they have thought and dreamed about for the past 9 month now finally in their arms, just melted my heart. The happiness beaming from both of them as they talked about the past 10 days of his life and spoke of the promises for the next 10 decades, was happiness of the indescribable kind. 
Sara & Chris - My heart was so full after seeing you two with your son. Thank you for giving me the honor of documenting the beginning of this exciting new adventure for you as a family of three! 
(Hair & Makeup by Caitlin Cotter Makeup Artistry)
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