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Connecticut Newborn Session   Baby Matthew
Feb 23, 2016

Connecticut Newborn Session Baby Matthew

There is something so magical about walking into a family's home where there is now a new little baby. The sweet bundle of joy is truly an amazing miracle. The little breaths coming in and out of its nostrils to the chubby wrinkles and tiny fingers have a baby's parents totally smitten. This is exactly the magic I felt spending time with Sara and Chris, who we met years ago when we shot their engagement session and wedding, and their new 10 day old son Matthew. Seeing these two new parents snuggle and whisper to there son, the son they have thought and dreamed about for the past 9 month now finally in their arms, just melted my heart. The happiness beaming from both of them as they talked about the past 10 days of his life and spoke of the promises for the next 10 decades, was happiness of the indescribable kind. 
Sara & Chris - My heart was so full after seeing you two with your son. Thank you for giving me the honor of documenting the beginning of this exciting new adventure for you as a family of three! 
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Feb 19, 2016

SNEAK PEEK | Baby Matthew

I was there to celebrate and document the happiness of their engagement and lucky enough to stand by their side and capture the beautiful moments as they became husband and wife on their wedding day. Last weekend I had the honor and complete joy of photographing their 10 day old son Matthew and the beginning of this new chapter in their lives as a family of three. 
It was hard to not let the tears of pure happiness well up in my eyes as I watched Sara & Chris who I have known now for years, calm, comfort and love on their sweet new son. It's moments like this that are the reason I cherish photographing the newborns of our past wedding couples! <3 These three hold such a special place in my heart!  
Can't wait to share photos from their session on the blog next week, but this one is an early favorite! If only there was audio with this first photo! ;)
SNEAK PEEK | Baby Matthew
Connecticut Newborn Session   Baby Riese
Apr 14, 2015

Connecticut Newborn Session Baby Riese

These dear friends hold such a special place in my heart and Chris' heart. I typically don't photograph newborns, but what a joy it was to photograph this beautiful family of four. Baby Riese was just 7 days old and her soft pink skin, perfect toes, and sweet cooing had me trying my hardest not to melt into a puddle from all the cuteness. She was absolute perfection. 
But this newborn session was very different and moving for me personally. It was the first time I have photographed a newborn since Greyson was born a year ago. It was the first time I was behind the camera as a mom photographing a new little life. I felt truly in awe of the miracle that new life really is because I have been blessed to have brought it into the world myself. Seeing the love that baby Riese's parents and big brother have for her was so special, especially seeing Bridget with her new daughter. It's a love a mother has for her child that I have come to experience first hand. It is unexplainable and runs deep in a mother's veins. Being a mom is such a hard and beautiful thing, and having the honor to document this bond between mother and daughter was truly moving for me personally. I have been on both sides now of this bond, as a daughter and as a mother. 
This family is so special and I am grateful to have been able to spend a quiet morning with them just soaking in all the baby cuteness!
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