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NYC Newborn Session | Baby Miles
Apr 26, 2018

NYC Newborn Session | Baby Miles

To see the full post of this beautiful New York City in home newborn session, please CLICK HERE or visit my maternity/newborn blog at
Feb 23, 2018

Exciting News!

Over the past few years many couples, including many of our past wedding couples, have asked me to photograph other milestones in their lives - specifically, as they joyfully anticipate the arrival of their child and once they welcome their little one into the world. You guys, I can't tell you how much it means to me to be invited to document and be a part of these beautiful new life changing chapters in their lives. There have been tears of joy, awe, amazement and complete wonder at the miracle of new life. Becoming a mom myself changed the way I see the world, and in turn, the way I photograph it. A father walking his daughter down the aisle has a new sweetness, mother and son dances have a whole different heartbeat now. Likewise, my passion for documenting growing families has itself changed and grown. It was filled my heart in a new way and feel truly honored.  
Just the other day, as I walked into a couple's home for their newborn session and met their sweet baby girl, I saw their living room was filled with framed photos I had taken over the years when they got engaged and then vowed their lives to one another on their wedding day. I had the privilege of documenting the beginning of their marriage and how humbled I was to be there to now photograph such a beautiful and sweet representation of that marriage - their daughter.  
It is with this gratefulness I am so beyond excited to finally say that I am officially offering a limited number of maternity and in home newborn sessions each month! In the past I haven't been able to offer them each month or as many sessions as I would like to due to not having enough availability. However, last year as I planned and prepared for 2018 one of the changes I made moving forward was to have time carved out just for these sweet sessions that have me smitten! 
Annnd cue the confetti (eeeee!), today I launched a new part of my website dedicated to my maternity and newborn photography so feel free to check out the latest sessions and reach out through there! Lastly, I wanted to answer some potential questions folks may have, but please reach out with any others! I can't wait to continue to reconnect with familiar faces and meet new growing families! 
When should I reach out to receive more info and book my maternity and/or newborn session? Because I am only booking a limited number of sessions each month, I recommend reaching out as soon as possible. I am already booking into the end of summer for this year, so the sooner the better! :)  
When do you recommend doing my maternity and newborn session? I recommend doing your maternity session around 7-8 months but it is really up to you mama-to-be! I usually photograph my in home newborn sessions within the first 2-3 weeks of your sweet babe's life once you are settled back at home - but again this is totally flexible! 
Are you still going to be photographing weddings? A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y! Nothing is changing with our wedding photography - Chris and my passion for capturing weddings has forever stolen our hearts and will continue to be our focus! We will continue to document engagement sessions, weddings, and wedding related events on a limited basis each year. :)  
Exciting News!
New York Newborn Session | Baby Isabelle
Feb 22, 2018

New York Newborn Session | Baby Isabelle

This sweet baby girl is so so loved, adored and cherished. Between arm stretching, wiggling her toes and the occasional yawn, baby Isabelle kept her eyes focused on her mama and dad - the two hearts totally wrapped around her finger and in complete awe of her. She drifted into sleep nestled in her mama's arms, soothed by the rocking back and forth motion and the sound of her dad's voice. A quiet peace filled the air and happiness overflowed from the deepest part of their souls. 
I met Doris and Ben years ago when I photographed their engagement and wedding, and what a privilege it was for me to be invited into their home to meet their new daughter and totally gush about her sweetness! Here are a few of my favorites from their in home newborn session!  
Jan 19, 2018

Fairfield County Newborn Session | Baby Líon

There is nothing quite like a home with a new baby inside. There is love and an abundance of happiness floating in the air all centered around this sweet new life. The joyful anticipation has now turned into a beautiful fulfillment of the hope had. 
It felt like not that long ago I was walking in the woods with Hannah and Rob talking about their little son due on Christmas Day during their maternity session. They couldn't wait to see what he looked like, to hold him, and to shower him with affection. Now their son Líon was finally here and they are officially a family of three! It was so sweet to see Hannah's face light up watching Líon following his dad's voice as he moved through the room and to see Rob just beaming as Hannah kissed the top of her son's head.  
I loved spending time with these three and capturing adorable baby Líon at just 10 days old! Annnnnd watching him fall asleep listening to none other then Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg - who would have thought?! 
So many favorites from their in home newborn session, but here are some!! Congrats again Hannah & Rob!
Fairfield County Newborn Session | Baby Líon
Fall Maternity Session | Hannah + Rob
Nov 9, 2017

Fall Maternity Session | Hannah + Rob

It's times like these I am so glad a photo is worth a thousand words, because I couldn't begin to come up with the adequate narrative to attempt to explain the magic of the moment. Where my words will certainly fall short, I hope these images speak so that what the soon-to-be parents were feeling can be remembered vividly and looked back upon generations from now.  
The great love, indescribable joy and sweet anticipation that flooded the hearts of Hannah and Rob and overflowed in front of me was truly a privilege to witness and document. It was another maternity session where my words would never due their feelings justice and I only hope that these images will help them never forget the bittersweet "before" their son arrived.... Those sweet "before" weeks that will seem like a lifetime ago once they hear their son's roar which will simultaneously be everything and change everything in the best possible way. 
Hannah & Rob - Thank you for giving me the honor of documenting the soon to be beginning of the most incredible, beautiful, mind blowing adventure you could ever imagine. I can't wait to meet your sweet babe when he makes his debut! :)
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