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Jan 17, 2018

ELLE Interview: Life Changing Career Moves

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Happy Wednesdayyy! A few months ago I was contacted about contributing to an ELLE piece about how I changed career paths and went in a completely different direction. I had been in the advertising industry but after a while realized, my heart just wasn't in it and I was extremely unhappy.  
I felt like the longer I stayed in advertising and committed to this path, the harder it would be to change course. I knew that there was risk in walking away from the career and industry that I went to school for and worked so hard to be in, but I also knew the risk would be greater if I settled knowing there was something else in my heart and that my passion lay elsewhere. I am not sure the timing is ever perfectly "right" for a career change, but for me the "right now" was way better then the maybe "someday." Life is just too short. 
I hope that my story and journey along with the rest of these woman inspire anyone who feels like they are stuck and unhappy in their careers, and gives them hope that change IS possible and the right time is NOW to find a career that gets you excited and makes your heart soar.  
I'm totally pumped and honored to have been included in this article which is now LIVE! Below is more of my full Q&A with!
ELLE Interview:  Life Changing Career Moves
Posts, Tweets, and Pins
Jan 26, 2016

Posts, Tweets, and Pins

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Oh how we love using social media to share with all of you photos from our couples beautiful weddings, food for thought, inspiration and details from our daily lives! I wanted to share today all of our social media profiles so that you can be sure to follow us and not miss any of the goings on around here! :)  
Be sure to give us a shout so we can say hi to all of our new followers! Happy Tuesday y'all!
Jun 4, 2015

Pop the Champagne!

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Our refreshed website is live and I have to admit, it's kind of bittersweet. This refresh means growth, and that is something we are so grateful for. Our photography business has been evolving and growing over the years, and so have Chris and I along with it - as artists, as business owners, as mentors, as curators of beautiful moments.  
We are thankful to have this little corner online to share more about our passion, our lives, our sweet couples and of their beautiful real love.  
We are celebrate all the small steps forward right along with the leaps that have been part of this growth. Can't wait to continue to share more in this space! 
Head on over to the new homepage and explore! :)
Pop the Champagne!
Two More Days!
Jun 2, 2015

Two More Days!

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There has been a LOT of champagne popping and confetti throwing going on around here lately! With the launch of FLOURISH last week and my refreshed website going live Thursday, I think there should be a little (or actually a lot) of cupcake eating as well! 
My website and logo got a facelift and I couldn't be more excited to unveil and share it with ya'll in just TWO DAYS! While creating new pages for my site, I looked back through my favorite photos and reread such meaningful reviews from our couples. I couldn't help but reminisce and think about the amazing journey our business has taken us on. During the reception at one of our weddings recently while Chris and I took a quick break, I said to him, "I still can't believe we get to do this..." Chris smiled and agreed. We both just soaked in the moment with grateful hearts and an overflowing gratitude. 
As I put the finishing touches on the new online home for Ashley Therese Photography, I can't help but feel the same way as I did at that wedding reception all over again... thankful, grateful, and excited for where this next chapter in our journey will take us! 
Here is a liiiittle looksy at whats to come! Counting down till Thursday! :)
Feb 25, 2015

2015 Editor's Choice Award

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Chris and I are so blessed to have the most incredible wedding couples year after year. Their love stories are inspiring and their weddings are the most beautiful and memorable celebrations one could ever witness. They are one-of-a-kind once-in-a-lifetime kind of celebrations brought to life by incredible teams of vendors! 
So we always have such a great excitement and appreciation when their stories and weddings are featured in various publications and shared with the world!  
We are so honored to receive the 2015 Editors Choice Award for Two Bright Lights again this year! A huge thank you to all of the publications that have featured our work and our couples!
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