Wadsworth Mansion Wedding | Brittany & Alex
Jun 23, 2017

Wadsworth Mansion Wedding | Brittany & Alex

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He looked so dapper in his suit with a boutonniere gently pinned to his lapel. Alex stepped outside the front of the gorgeous Wadsworth Mansion and eagerly waited to see his bride for the very first time on this special day... their wedding day. Brittany quietly walked up behind him and once she was standing a few feet away from him, told Alex to turn around. The sunshine poured through the evergreen trees in front of the mansion and the sweet smell of the nearby pink azaleas soaked the air. Remember I told you about those times on a wedding day when the sound fades away to silence and the moment seems to be happening in slow motion? Well when Alex tuned around, that happened. Brittany and Alex's eyes finally locked as he turned around and they hugged for a 10-minute-feeling 30 seconds. It's one of those moments as a witness you never forget because you are in the presence of intense concentrated JOY. The soon to be bride and groom held one another laughing, smiling, and holding back the tears that come with this kind of amazing overflowing happiness. Soon the sound of the birds chirping and wind whistling through the pine needles came back into the moment and words of love and excitement poured from their hearts to each other. They couldn't wait... Couldn't wait to say I do. Couldn't wait to marry one another. Couldn't wait to be his wife and her husband. Couldn't wait to start this next chapter. And then Alex's eyes began to well up and overflow... Brittany told him not to make her cry but he said he was just taking it all in. They both were. This was just the very beginning of a magical day and beautiful celebration that would change their forevers. 
Brittany & Alex - The love that you two have for one another is a gift to witness. You truly are the north star for the other person and what a true honor it has been for us to be a part of this exciting chapter of your lives! Our hearts are bursting with gratitude. We hope you are having an amazing time in Italy and eating LOTS of pizza that would most definitely put to shame the pizza we all had together! Congrats again you guys! CHEERS!
Jun 20, 2017

Fairfield County Engagement | Courtney & Chris

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How they met and fell in love has all the makings of an award winning blockbuster... The Notebook can move on over! Chris' family was dinning at Il Palio, which happened to be the Italian restaurant where Courtney worked as the hostess. Not even in her wildest dreams would Courtney have imagined that a passing comment to her friend who was a waitress result in some matching making occurring shortly there after! Courtney mentioned she thought the guy dining with his family and relatives there in the restaurant that evening was cute. Wouldn't you know somehow the family got word as they exited and raved about how amazing that cute guy, Chris, was. Chris had already left the restaurant when his family worked their match making skills and asked Courtney for her number to pass along to Chris. Now Courtney didn't think anything would honestly become of it and definitely did not think that Chris would actually call her, buuuut a few days later she got a call from that cute guy. Truth be told, Chris hadn't even seen Courtney that day at the restaurant so he went on blind faith when his family raved about the sweet and gorgeous hostess and gave her a call! The two ended up going out on a date and the rest is history! End scene... and the beginning of the next! This duo is set to tie the knot next spring and ohhhh we are beyond excited! We adore this couple and love every single time we get to photograph a wedding in their sweet family! :)  
Loved hanging out with these two while they were here in town from Alabama for her cousin's wedding (coming to the blog this week too)! Here are a few of my favs from their engagement session!
Fairfield County Engagement | Courtney & Chris
Garden Maternity Session | Kelly & Tim
May 22, 2017

Garden Maternity Session | Kelly & Tim

I met Kelly and Tim years ago at a friends wedding we were photographing, then our paths crossed again when they got engaged and were in the beginning phases of wedding dreaming and planning. Over the years I have had the honor of photographing Kelly & Tim's engagement session and then their spectacular and sweet wedding! So you can only imagine my joy spending time with and photographing these two again last week, talking alllll about their baby girl on the way! About their excitement to finally meet her. To see what she looks like. To witness her little personality bloom and be in awe of everything she does. To hold her, kiss her, rock her to sleep and love her with their whole hearts and then some. Oh this sweet daughter of theirs is already loved by so many who are anxiously waiting to meet her! Including me - I can't wait!  
I am so humbled and grateful that I am invited to document our couples' milestones and to celebrate with them and their loved ones their relationship, marriage and growing families. It doesn't get any sweeter for the soul then that. Truly. <3 
Here are a few of my favs from Kelly & Tim's garden maternity session! And can we start by talking about how amazing this mama to be looks?! Glowing.
May 15, 2017

Oheka Castle Wedding | Stephanie & Matt

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When you're in first grade, your thoughts are probably along the lines of going on imaginary adventures outside, the latest and greatest toy, when your next play date will be, and where to hang your latest art project... not about the likelihood of your soul mate being in your class sitting four chairs over from you! I am sure no one would have ever guessed way back when Stephanie and Matt were first graders in the same class that they would one day become husband and wife, over 21 years later. But on this sunny day, at the magical Oheka Castle in New York that is exactly what happened! 
Their wedding day was an absolute fairytale with a seriously gorgeous setting that made you feel like you were at a castle somewhere in Europe! Stephanie and Matt wed outdoors in the gorgeous garden which stretched on as far as the eye could see. Everything looked to be painted in gold as the sun set, which poured golden light over the gardens and streamed in through the castle windows. Guests took in the views, filled the dance floor, and raised their champagne glasses toasting to the first day of Stephanie and Matt's marriage! It was a celebration for the storybooks. 
Stephanie & Matt - Thank you for the bottom of our hearts to inviting us to be a part of your day and entrusting us to document all of the beautiful memories that were made! What a fun and magical day it was! Congrats again to you both! 
Venue: Oheka Castle, New York 
Planning & Design: Events By Renee 
Gown: Ysa Makino 
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik 
Bridal Boutique: Bridal Reflections 
Bridesmaid Dresses: Impression Bridal 
Beauty: MG Hair and Makeup 
Videographer: Florescio Films 
Floral Designt: Flowers By Brian 
Band: The Sid Miller Band  
Cake: Oheka Castle 
Invitations & Paper: Chick Invitations 
Photography: Ashley Therese Photography
Oheka Castle Wedding | Stephanie & Matt
Boho CT Maternity Session | Maryla & Peppe
Apr 20, 2017

Boho CT Maternity Session | Maryla & Peppe

Oh this sweet baby on the way is seriously one lucky little one! With a dad who has the kindest heart and is one of the hardest working people you will ever meet to a mama who is beautiful inside and out and an uber talented wedding planner and creative, it's safe to say sweet baby has some seriously awesome parents! What an honor it was for me to hang out with Maryla and Peppe and document this special and exciting time... this time when their chapter as a family of two is coming to a close and a fresh new chapter as parents to one and family of three is about to begin. Oh to see their joyful anticipation and hear that laughter, you know, the laughter that comes from straight from the soul and just overflows. What a gift it was to witness such happiness and celebrate this time with these friends of ours! 
Loved every second of their gorgeous boho maternity session! Here are a few of my favorites... :)
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