Whitby Castle Wedding | Amy & Joe

I will never forget the first time I met Amy and Joe over a year ago. As they sat next to one another on my couch and described their wedding plans thus far, Joe couldn't stop smiling and looking at Amy. Amy leaned into Joe with literally pure joy on her face as she described the ceremony and the castle where they would celebrate. She put her hand on this back and gave his should a squeeze as she stated the obvious: "I am SO excited!!" Joe put his arm around Amy and shared some of the details of their special day with just as much enthusiasm. 
These two have an excitement for life that is contagious. They have a happiness that can't quite be put into words. They have a deep sweet love for one another that storybooks are made of. So it came as no surprise that Amy and Joe's wedding day was filled with these things: excitement, happiness, and love. Their Whitby Castle wedding was magical. The rain clouds blew over and left a amazing stillness outside of the castle. It was so calm and peaceful and a perfect place to take photos of the newlyweds before they celebrated with friends and family inside the castle! 
Amy & Joe - Your excitement for life and love for one another that is truly beautiful. Chris and I were so happy and honored to be there to document your special day. 
Below are some of my favorites from their wedding! And to see their NYC engagement session, click here.

True beauty. You are gorgeous Amy!

Amy's dad walking up to the car to escort her into the church... One of my favorites!

MARRIED! Pure happiness!

It was POURING and Ioved every second of photographing them through the rain as they pulled up to the castle!

Who says you can't cut your wedding cake with a sword?! :)

Venue: Whitby Castle 
Wedding gown: Mori Lee 
Shoes: Jimmy Choo 
Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal 
Beauty: Wendy Youngblood (makeup artist) & Liz Walker and Rosalinda Biddle (hair stylists) 
Groom's Tux: Calvin Klein 
Videographer: M.S.V. Entertainment 
Music: M.S.V. Entertainment 
Floral Design: Dramatic Innovation, LLC 
Cake: Lulu's Bakery 
Invitations: Crane & Co.  
Transportation: Top Class Limousine 
Photography: Ashley Therese Photography
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SNEAK PEEK: Whitby Castle Wedding

This gorgeous Whitby Castle wedding is coming to the blog tomorrow! Here's a little peek... :)

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Brooklyn Bridge Engagement | Diane & Will

The excitement for their wedding day was at an all time high... It was the week before Diane and Will's I Dos when we headed to Brooklyn for their engagement session. Their wedding day was one that overflowed with a love and closeness that could be felt by all those there. During one of the toasts, Diane's uncle said something that spread smiles throughout the room. He said that Will doesn't just love Diane, he adores her. Everyone who was listening knew exactly what he meant. Diane and Will do indeed love one another. But they also simply adore one another. Their love and respect for one another is at the forefront of all they do. They treasure and cherish each other and what they have. They truly know how lucky they are to have the other and it shows in the little moments in between... the hand squeezing, the sweet kissing, and the holding each other close as they sit side by side.  
Their Brooklyn Bridge engagement session was full of love from two people who just adore one another. Here are a few of my favorites from their session!

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Fox Hill Inn Wedding | Diane & Will

Two amazing families and friends came together on that very special day to celebrate the union of two incredible people, Diane and Will. The clouds parted and the rain subsided just in time for their outdoor nuptials. Rays of sunshine poked through the trees filling the ceremony space with a golden warmth that was simply breathtaking.  
He promised her his forever. She promised him her heart. Will has been her rock through the ups and downs that life has brought their way. Diane has been his encourager and inspiration to go after his dreams. Together they are a team that can conquer the world. And the two of them are loved. So loved. All those that were present and those there in spirit clearly adore these two more then words. What a beautiful thing it was to see. Their Fox Hill Inn wedding had laughter, tears of joy, and lots of dancing. Such an incredible day it was! 
Diane & Will - The love that overflowed from your weddings day was so very beautiful to see and feel. You two are such a special couple and what an honor it was for us to document your wedding!

THESE shoes!

Diane you are a true beauty!

The moment when Diane's father saw her for the first time in her wedding dress...


There is just something about the calm stillness of being in the arms of your soulmate... Love this one.

Venue: Fox Hill Inn 
Gown: Jim Hjelm 
Bridal Boutique: Kleinfeld Bridal 
Shoes: Jimmy Choo 
Bridesmaid Dresses: J Crew 
Earrings: Nadri 
Beauty: Dana Bartone & Co.  
Videographer: Digital Video Productions 
Floral Design: Amelia Whisconier Florist 
Music: Dance To The Music Entertainment 
Favors: Bridgewater Chocolates 
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas 
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Dear Sweet Greyson

My Sweet Greyson, 
Joy. You are pure joy. You are one of the happiest little beings I have ever seen and being around you just makes my heart want to burst. Oh how I love you my sweet boy. Nana says that after she spends time with you she feels all filled up. She says its hard to explain, but I know what she means. Your happiness and smile do wonders for the soul. The excitement and love you have for the little things in life are contagious and leave people feeling happier. You are joy. 
Love you! 
PS Stop growing up so fast! :)

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