Milford CT Engagement Session | Heather & Ed

When Heather and Ed told me that they wanted to do their engagement session at Woodmont beach, I was excited! I had been there a long time ago and remembered layers of gray toned rocks and just the wide open water. I mean, what's not to love?! But then when they told me why I loved it that much more. The place held a special place in their hearts. Heather grew up not far from there and as a kid on more days then not, would climb the rocks and play along the water. Summers were spent playing at the shoreline and gazing out across the water at the boats. This little beach really is a kid's dream with so much to explore. 
As we walked around Heather would point out the "Potato Rock" and the perfectly named "Umbrella Tree." Now, I thought these were cute little names straight from a child's imagination, but no. No, these are the actual names of these landmarks. And just to prove she hadn't made the names up, a little package arrived at my door a few days ago from Heather. It was a little history book with postcard photos from decades ago of the very beach and these silly named landmarks. It was so cool to step back in time and see what the beach looked like way back then.  
Through the storytelling and laughter, I had so much fun spending time with these two... reminiscing about childhood adventures and watching the storm clouds roll in. Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement session and some then and now photos! :)

One of my favorites! You are stunning Heather!

Signal Rock then and now!

The famous Potato Rock. :) This is the old postcard pic of the rock... See it in the next photo? So cool.

The Umbrella Tree that I totally thought Heather had made up the name for! LOL

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Cheerleaders Needed

There needs to be more cheerleaders in the world. People that come along side you and cheer you on... motivate you to keep going. To go further. To tell you you are doing a great job and remind you that you are capable of doing more then you think you are. Yes, the world needs more people like that. Genuine cheerleaders. Because truth be told, there are enough of the other kind. We don't need more people to point at you when you fall, or see you struggling and look the other way. We don't need people that will pick you up and when you are up and standing, look around to see if any one saw their good deed while patting themselves on the back. This world is already fully stocked up on that kind. The world needs true, genuine cheerleaders. Individuals that are not self-serving and help others even though there is nothing it for them. People that will come right next to you wherever you are and encourage you because they truly care about you and your journey. People that will tell you to reach further, fight harder, run faster, and go further then you had imagined.  
But in order for there to be more cheerleaders in the world, we each need to be a cheerleader for somebody else. We need to be that person. We need to come along side someone and root them on, telling them not to give up... That they are doing a great job and can do it. That they shouldn't settle for their comfort zone, but should strive to go beyond it. Even if someone is running a good race, everyone has doubts and fears. Fast and slow runners both need encouragement. Everyone needs a cheerleader and to be a cheerleader. The world needs more of those kind of people.

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CT Anniversary Session | Nell & Chris

"Love is a wonderful gift. It's a present so precious words can barely begin to describe it. Love is a feeling, the deepest and sweetest of all. It's incredibly strong and amazingly gentle at the very same time. It is a blessing that should be counted every day. It is nourishment for the soul. It is devotion, constantly letting each person know how supportive it's certainty can be. Love is a heart filled with affection for the most important person in your life. Love is looking at the special someone who makes your world go around and absolutely loving what you see. Love gives meaning to one's world and magic to a million hopes and dreams. It makes the morning shine more brightly and each season seem like it's the nicest one anyone ever had. Love is an invaluable bond that enriches every good thing in life. It gives each hug a tenderness, each heart a happiness, each spirit a steady lift. Love is an invisible connection that is exquisitely felt by those who know the joy, feel the warmth, share the sweetness, and celebrate the gift." 
Nell and Chris stood on the shoreline and read these sweet words by Douglas Pagels to one another. They were the words read at the beginning of their wedding ceremony 2 years ago. But there on the shore, it was just the two of them with only a few seagulls as witnesses. With the sand between their toes they renewed their vows to one another. They said the promises and words of love they spoke to one another on their wedding day. But this time there were no guests, no bouquets or bridesmaids, no white dress or music. There were their words and a love that was stronger then on their wedding day. There on the shore, they celebrated what the wedding was really all about - the beginning of their marriage. With tears in their eyes, they read the new vows they had written to one another, a poem, and some verses. There was a new hope, a stronger love, and a deeper bond as they held hands and spoke from the heart. It was a beautiful acknowledgement and pledge to the greatest journey they have been on and will be on for their rest of their lives.  
What an honor it was for Chris and I to photograph Nell & Chris' vow renewal and anniversary session... As the wedding season draws to a close, it was a beautiful reminder of the day after the wedding. And the days after that. It's the marriage and the truly amazing journey with its valleys and peaks that two hearts will go on. 

GAH! You are such a beauty Nell!

Love this photo Chris took...

Love. Just love this one..

They danced to their song by the Rolling Stones and whispered the lyrics to one another... It was a moment to remember.

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Great River Golf Club Wedding | Christine & Patrick

He looked down towards his shoes and adjusted his tie. Patrick put his hand in his pocket and took it out again. The palms of his hands were hot. He adjusted his tie one more time. He had a smile on his face and you could just feel the excitement and anticipation. He pulled on the cuff of his jacket and took a deep breath. Patrick was about to see Christine for the very first time on their wedding day First Look. Christine slowly approached the man she was about to marry with her fists clenched and her heart beating so very fast she wouldn't have been surprised if Patrick could hear her coming. As Patrick turned around to see Christine there were no words. There was just an embrace and a flood of emotion washing over both of them. Tears of happiness ran down Christine's cheeks and Patrick's smile could not have been any bigger. Then the words of love and adoration filled the space. That day was the day they had been waiting for their whole lives. From that day forward they would walk through this life together not just as best friends, but now as husband and wife. That day they will never forget. 
Their Great River Golf Club wedding was so very gorgeous and was the perfect place to celebrate becoming Mr & Mrs!  
Christine & Patrick - You two just beam happiness. Truly. Like the kind of happiness that makes other people happy just from being around you. The kind of happiness that comes from being in love with your soulmate. That kind. You both are so kind and what an amazing day your wedding was to be a part of!

You are beyond gorgeous Christine! I mean, seriously...!!

One of my favorites!

Before the reception we took advantage of that gorgeous golden sunset light!

Venue: Great River Golf Club 
Shoes: Badgley Mischka 
Gown: Demetrios 
Gown sash: Big Rock Bridal (Etsy) 
Earrings: Eliot Danori 
Where Gown was purchased from: Mariella Creations 
Bridesmaid Dresses: Watters & Wtoo 
Jewelry: Eliot Danori earrings 
Beauty: Dana Bartone & Co. 
DJ & Photobooth: Spin Doctor Entertainment 
Florist: City Line Florist 
Cake: Julia's Bakery 
Invitations: Amanda Day Rose Paperie (Etsy)  
Photography: Ashley Therese Photography
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Dear Sweet Greyson

Dear Sweet Greyson, 
This time last year, I was almost five and half months pregnant and I was finishing up our wedding season. I was LITERALLY counting down the weeks and days until I would meet your sweet face and hold you for the first time. Fall is my favorite time of year, but last year I honestly couldn't wait for it and winter to come and go so it would be the time of year that you would arrive. When my life would change so much for the better. 
This fall has been the most beautiful one yet. I have never seen such beautiful colors and such breathtaking details. Because now, now I see it through your eyes. The brightest red leaves need to be picked up and examined. Leaf piles should be walked through so that the crunching sound can be given proper attention. Leaves twirling through the air should be watched as the fall to the ground, one after the next. 
Truth is, as cliche as it may sound, everything is that much more awesome and beautiful. You are amazed by the simple wonders all around us, ones that I often pass by without notice. But you, you are intrigued and get so excited by the simplest things... the little things. It's an outlook I want to embrace and take to heart more. 
My world is more beautiful then I could ever imagine because of you my sweet love. I can't believe you are already 7 months old! 
I love you, 

This is his mom-I-am-done-with-this-whole-leaf-pile-photo-shoot-thing face. Such a cutie!

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