Jul 21, 2016

Featured: Carats & Cake | Mystic Estate Wedding

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What an insanely beautiful day Natasha and Quentin's private estate wedding was in Mystic Connecticut! From gorgeous blooms, to crystal chandeliers, vintage flatware to breathtaking coastline views, their wedding was nothing short of perfection! What an honor it is to have their wedding featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs, Carats & Cake! To see all the gorgeousness and the full feature, click here. 
A huge thank you to this amazing team of talented vendors who brought this beautiful day to life: 
Event Design & Coordination: Amy Champagne Events 
Floral Design: Carrie Wilcox Floral Design 
Music: DJ Lion King 
Catering: Catering By Christine 
Lighting: Social Decor 
Tent: Abbey Tent & Party Rental 
Vintage plates & flatware: Borrowed 
Beauty: Giggar Makeup Artistry 
To see the full blog post of their wedding and more photos from their big day, feel free to click here.
Featured: Carats & Cake | Mystic Estate Wedding
Lace Factory Wedding | Kate & Bryan
Jul 19, 2016

Lace Factory Wedding | Kate & Bryan

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Kate's friend convinced her for their girls night out that they should check out the local club, you know, change things up a bit then normal Friday night. And thank goodness she did! Kate quickly caught the eye of Bryan who was there with a few of his friends. Bryan elbowed his friend and said he was going to go talk to the beautiful girl over there, and with that he walked over to Kate and struck up a conversation. Just.like.that. The two hit it off, talked the night away and exchanged phone numbers. Their paths had never crossed before and they had no mutual friends, so their meeting was truly serendipitous!  
For their first date, Kate insisted that she would just meet Bryan at the restaurant since she was staying with her parents but Bryan insisted it was okay and that he would pick her up at her parent's house... annnnnnd meet her parents! Yup, Bryan met Kate's parents on their very first date! It's a good thing he made a great first impression because it was the first date of hundreds more for these two! 
Kate and Bryan's wedding at The Lace Factory was a dream from beginning to end! They celebrated and danced the night away under twinkling lights with loved ones, only stopping for some Ben & Jerry's ice cream and another round of champagne! 
Kate & Bryan - Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making us feel like part of your family and giving us the great honor of being a small part of your big day! Here's to you and decades upon decades of love and happiness!
Jul 14, 2016

An Escalator Ride Down Memory Lane

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Every morning I would walk to work and take out my headphones before entering in the building early.  I had just graduated from college and was eager, excited, and a complete over achiever. Everything was going as I had imagined and planned.... graduate college, move to NYC, begin working at a top advertising firm.  I got to travel, work on celebrity accounts and dive head first into everything advertising. Weeks turned into months which turned into over a year. Now I would ride up the escalators with my headphones still in my ears, coffee in hand.  It was my last few seconds of me time until stepping into my daily grind of advertising. 
But as one year turned into two, the ride on the escalator changed. I didn't take out my headphones now until I reached my desk and began to slightly resent being back at my desk again after getting out so late the night before. I might of well have slept there.  I wasn't happy.  This was not what I had planned.  I needed a change.  I decided to take a job at another advertising firm and although I stayed for a few years, I realized it wasn't really for me.  My heart just wasn't in it... at all. I called Chris, my boyfriend at the time, and told him life was too short and I wanted more from my job. This was just the beginning of the change that would happen... 
Chris and I walked around NYC years later, spending a few days in the city where we met.  It was a bittersweet walk down memory lane.  Together we silently rode up those same escalators where I started my first job after I graduated and came to NYC.  We both looked at one another and smiled.  They were smiles that came from a place of quiet understanding and deep gratefulness within our hearts.  Riding up those escalators years prior I couldn't have imagined where I would be now.  It wasn't what I had planned I couldn't be happier.  It is better then what I had imagined. As I stood in the lobby and stared up to the sixth floor as a self employed professional photographer, I was grateful for what I learned at my first job. I was grateful for Chris encouraging me to not just settle with a job because it's what I thought I ought to be doing. I couldn't have felt more blessed for the ups and downs of life that got me from that 6th floor desk to now waking up everyday and doing what I am passionate about.  
After chatting with the woman at the front desk, we turned around and rode the escalators back down without saying a word. I had been down those escalators to the front door a hundred times.  But this time was different.  I was truly happy. Not, just as happy as I could be doing what I was doing, but truly and fully happy with a life passion that made me feel excited and alive.  I love everything about what I do - the creativity, the way it changed the way I saw the world, the couples we meet, the stories we are lucky enough to tell.  We pushed opened the doors and walked out of the building. We walked a few yards from the front door to the spot where I literally met Chris for the first time.  A few doors down we strolled past the store where Chris bought me my first digital camera.  It was a beautiful and bittersweet stroll down memory lane, a lane that I wouldn't change one bit as it brought me to this very place. 
Here are these elevators....
An Escalator Ride Down Memory Lane
Gouveia Engagement Session | Brittany & Alex
Jul 8, 2016

Gouveia Engagement Session | Brittany & Alex

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The next day they were leaving for a trip, however only Alex really knew where they were going... Brittany thought they were going to spend a nice long weekend in Napa Valley where they would do some wine tasting, drive through the rolling hills, and soak in the California sunshine. But Alex had another plan in mind all together, something up his sleeve that was waaaaay better. He had a very important question he was going to ask Brittany and had purchased two round-trip tickets from their home in San Francisco to New York. 
That evening Alex asked Brittany if she would spend the rest of her life with him and proposed in their apartment! It was private, romantic and simply perfect! Being that Brittany is so close with her family, Alex knew she would love to share the good news of their engagement and celebrate with them in person. So he surprised her and told her that they actually weren't going to Napa Valley, buuuut were flying into New York and driving to Connecticut to be with her family for a few days. I mean, how sweet and thoughtful is that?! Not to mention talk about winning major brownie points with Brittany's parents (not that he needed any!). That weekend on the east coast was a far cry from warm sunny California with record below freezing temperatures, but it was exactly where they were supposed to be. It was such an exciting and fun time with friends and family as they looked forward to this next chapter of their lives! 
Oh you guys, I had such an awesome time with these two! Brittany and Alex are two people that literally would have fun doing anything together, as long as they were together. There is no shortage of laugher between them and it's the kind of laughter that's so contagious! And how adorable is their pup Guinness?! With this Guinness, apparently it's always happy hour! I swear their little pup was totally ready for his close up in front of the camera with the biggest grin you ever did see!  
Here are a few of my favorites from their vineyard engagement session! I'm already counting down the months until their wedding next year!
Jul 6, 2016

Beach Engagement Session | Shannon & Anthony

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Even though they were focused on school and busy with crazy amounts of studying while trying to survive the challenging nursing program at Sacred Heart University, they each caught the other's eye. Being the only guy enrolled in the program, there were no shortage of ladies vying for Anthony's attention! But Shannon, well he was quite taken with her! The two had their first date on April 15th during their junior year and Anthony proposed to the love of his life while they were on vacation in Punta Cana almost two years to the day later! 
Each time I am with these two, the word that comes to mind is cherish. They truly cherish one another with such a sweet love that just overflows when they are together. I'm not sure they even noticed I was there taking pictures of them during their engagement session! ;) They adore each other so much and you can tell they feel like they are the luckiest people in the world to have found one other - to have found the one that makes them feel most alive!  
Gah! I am so excited for their wedding next fall in New York! Here are a few of my favorites from their CT beach engagement session!
Beach Engagement Session | Shannon & Anthony
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