Mar 12, 2018

Happy Birthday Greyson Cole!

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It's hard to believe that it has already been four years to the day that my ears heard the most beautiful sound I had ever heard - your first cry as you entered into this world. Tears rolled down my face as my eyes locked onto you for the very first time and I could hardly believe what I was seeing for the first time - my son. Your father and I praised God in that very moment for His goodness and unmeasurable love.  
Last week I heard your sweet voice softly saying, "left, right, left, right." As I peered around the corner, there you were holding on to both your sister's little hands, gently guiding her forward as she took slow shaky steps. She was staring at you and smiling ear to ear that with you, she was "walking." Greyson, you were beaming and so proud. You kept telling her she was doing such a good job and called for me to come quick and see! It's moments like these I still can't believe you're forever mine. I can't believe that I am the mother to such an amazing and genuinely kind soul, with a heart of gold. You are smart, determined, funny and the sweetest big brother. I adore and love you more then you can imagine and still can hardly believe my ears when I hear your voice or believe my eyes when I see you each and every day. You constantly amaze me.  
I love you Greyson! Happy 4th Birthday! 
Happy Birthday Greyson Cole!
Doing All The Things
Mar 6, 2018

Doing All The Things

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You know that person that's doing like "ALL the things." Like all of them. They are on top of their social media, with a planned out Instagram grid and a Facebook feed that's on point. They are blogging about awesome things every other day without fail, they made a special craft project with their child yesterday and make dinners that are Pinterest worthy. Oh and they just got back from teaching a class at a local college, going to the Bahamas for a conference, and hit four of their ten 2018 goals by March 1st. They are going here, they are with so and so and basically they are being a total rockstar. They are doing alllllll the things. And Me? Well, I'm not. There are days I am barely juggling what's on my plate. I am doing like half the things maaaybe, let alone all of them that I potentially could be. I think I should be doing more? 
Raise your hand if you have ever felt like this? Goodness knows I have! This was the gist of a few conversations I have had with people going through different seasons in the past few weeks. Some were moms, some business owners, some both. Some engaged, some married. Some younger, some older. All dreamers, all doing their best, and all feeling like they still weren't "doing" enough.  
It resonated with my heart because I have definitely felt like this before, and not just once or twice. Comparing yourself to whoever is your "doing all the things" people and whatever it is they are doing is a trap that will leave you feeling frustrated, discouraged and disillusioned. It will truly steal your joy, minimize what you are indeed doing, take the wind out of your sails if you let it and prevent you from celebrating what others are doing. It can leave you feeling empty, falling short, and insecure. 
It's in these times, I find myself needing to take a step back and a deep breath. To refocus back on what MY priorities are, what the goals are that I set for myself and what's most important to ME.... To focus on the direction I am heading in and the little important wins I am having each day. To not hold on to and idealize the seemly busyness of others and what they are doing which may indeed be part of what's important to them! I may not be doing "all the things," but I am doing my best and doing things that are important to ME. And keep in mind, what is important and a priority to each person is different, and that's okay! For me one of my highest priorities is being a present mama to my two little kids and giving them the attention and nurturing they need. To be intentional, to make memories as a family and have quality time with those dear to us. To love, serve and pour into what God is putting on my heart. 
I think it's only by looking at what my priorities are and deciding if I am keeping those things first, can I truly decide if I am doing the things that I need to be doing. It's then I can make the decision if there is more I can do or if a change is needed to help foster and protect these priorities. Because let's face it, doing "all the things" doesn't matter as much as you doing the things that matter most to YOU.
Feb 28, 2018

Mystic Seaport Winter Engagement | Alexis & Ian

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Before they even saw it, other people did. They saw their chemistry, the spark and just knew Alexis and Ian had something so very special. And boy were they right - their friendship bloomed into a beautiful romance and these two fell head over heels for one another. So when Ian proposed to Alexis, before he could even get the question out, Alexis said "YES!"  
Before Ian headed to his hometown in Ireland, we planned to do their engagement session at the seaport in Mystic which is seriously beautiful any time of year! The clear water, the old drawbridge and seagulls flying overhead make you feel like you stepped into a beautiful painting. But let me tell you, I am not even going to pretend this wintery February day at the seaport wasn't fah-reezing. Like finger numbing cold! However being around these two, hearing them reminisce about how they met and watching them having fun and laughing with one another, I didn't really notice the cold! And you would never know how cold it was looking at the two of them! They are such a sweet and fun loving couple, and I know their vineyard wedding next year is going to be one for the books! I can't wait! 
Here are some of my favorites from their seaport engagement session!
Mystic Seaport Winter Engagement | Alexis & Ian
Happy Birthday Harper Rose!
Feb 27, 2018

Happy Birthday Harper Rose!

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Our sweet Harper Rose is 1 year old today! Guys, I honestly can't believe it and was just telling someone the other day that it feels like it's been mayyyybe 6-7 months since our little girl came into the world and changed our lives for the better. For sure doesn't feel like 12 months! Last night on the eve of her birthday, Chris and I sat on the couch and watched our video dairy from the weeks and days leading up to her birth. We went through the photos of when she took her first breaths and when we held her in our arms for the first time. We scrolled through photos of when Greyson met his baby sister, family meeting her for the first time, and the day we brought her home from the hospital. I tried not to ugly mom cry the whole time, reminiscing about that beautiful day and in disbelief it's already been one amazing year since then. Our hearts are so so so incredibly full. <3 
Harper has grown right before our eyes, filling us with such an immeasurable amount of love and joy! She is sassy, spunky, and Greyson is clearly her best friend hands down. She smiles and laughs at pretty much everything he does, wants to be right next to him as much as possible and will play with his hair as long as he will let her. She just can't get enough of her big brother! Remington is her second favorite thing on the planet along with any carb she can get her hands on - bread, waffles, pancakes, muffins, pasta. She is a girl after my own heart clearly! Lol  
Since the day she was born we have prayed daily that as her parents God would give us the wisdom, patience and grace to point Harper's heart toward His. That we would show her God's love and His fingerprints in the beauty He created all around us. That she would come to know God personally and live a life that glorifies Him. These were some of our prayers in that very first day of her life, things we continued to pray these past 12 months and will continue to in the years ahead... 
Can't put into words how immensely grateful we are for the blessing and gift our daughter Harper Rose is to us. Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl - we love you oceans, and then some! xoxoxo 
I will forever cherish these photos below from her birthday party this weekend with our families - eating her cake with her best friend <3
Feb 23, 2018

Exciting News!

Over the past few years many couples, including many of our past wedding couples, have asked me to photograph other milestones in their lives - specifically, as they joyfully anticipate the arrival of their child and once they welcome their little one into the world. You guys, I can't tell you how much it means to me to be invited to document and be a part of these beautiful new life changing chapters in their lives. There have been tears of joy, awe, amazement and complete wonder at the miracle of new life. Becoming a mom myself changed the way I see the world, and in turn, the way I photograph it. A father walking his daughter down the aisle has a new sweetness, mother and son dances have a whole different heartbeat now. Likewise, my passion for documenting growing families has itself changed and grown. It was filled my heart in a new way and feel truly honored.  
Just the other day, as I walked into a couple's home for their newborn session and met their sweet baby girl, I saw their living room was filled with framed photos I had taken over the years when they got engaged and then vowed their lives to one another on their wedding day. I had the privilege of documenting the beginning of their marriage and how humbled I was to be there to now photograph such a beautiful and sweet representation of that marriage - their daughter.  
It is with this gratefulness I am so beyond excited to finally say that I am officially offering a limited number of maternity and in home newborn sessions each month! In the past I haven't been able to offer them each month or as many sessions as I would like to due to not having enough availability. However, last year as I planned and prepared for 2018 one of the changes I made moving forward was to have time carved out just for these sweet sessions that have me smitten! 
Annnd cue the confetti (eeeee!), today I launched a new part of my website dedicated just to my maternity/newborn photography so feel free to check out the latest sessions and reach out through there! Lastly, I wanted to answer some potential questions folks may have, but please reach out with any others! I can't wait to continue to reconnect with familiar faces and meet new growing families! 
When should I reach out to receive more info and book my maternity and/or newborn session? Because I am only booking a limited number of sessions each month, I recommend reaching out as soon as possible. I am already booking into the end of summer for this year, so the sooner the better! :)  
When do you recommend doing my maternity and newborn session? I recommend doing your maternity session around 7-8 months but it is really up to you mama-to-be! I usually photograph my in home newborn sessions within the first 2-3 weeks of your sweet babe's life once you are settled back at home - but again this is totally flexible! 
Are you still going to be photographing weddings? A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y! Nothing is changing with our wedding photography - Chris and my passion for capturing weddings has forever stolen our hearts and will continue to be our focus! We will continue to document engagement sessions, weddings, and wedding related events on a limited basis each year. :)  
Exciting News!
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